Me, vehemently on the subject of pell grants.

You see, I’m about to enter college after high school, and I’m not exactly in the best financial situation.  My family isn’t rich by any means, and dick if I’ll be seeing any tuition I’d want anywhere paid for.  Pell grants are hilarious.  The federal government has actually convinced people that they can apply for these pell grants and think that their college is goooooood and paaaaaaaaaaaaaaid for.  Wrong.  Uh, reality check, pell grants only cover up to $5,500—at least for this reward period—of a tuition per year.  Now, I don’t know about you, but if you wanted to get into a good college… which I’d definitely like to.  I’m not going to offer specifics about grades and standardized test scores, but I’d wager I could get into some refutable schools.  Not Ivy League or anything, but definitely an education worth the impossible amounts of money I would otherwise be putting my name in the red for… Your tuition is gonna’ cost anywhere from $15K to $50K depending on whether or not you’re paying in-state or out-of-state… or if the quality of education received is high…  You know, all that good college stuff.  The rest of your tuition would be… “LOL SCHOLARSHIPS!” if you somehow raped the systems and for a good application… your other option is student loans.  I have an English teacher (who is a 40-year-old liberal that is a fan of Ron Paul because of his constitutionalist viewpoints) that is still paying off her student loans.  Eighteen years later!  That means her debt is as old as ME.

This talks more about student loans than pell grants, but you can’t really refute that… oh, I don’t know… the average American’s debt for being a college graduate is just unreal!  You can’t send a bunch of people out on their way with a bunch of money in the hole.  That’s just bad economics!